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Wreck Hunter

Whether your interest is fishing, scuba, wreck diving, archaeology, or the history of your area, Wreck Hunter can help.

Wreck Hunter lets you explore over 3800 shipwrecks across the world. Many can even be seen in Wreck Hunter's satellite view. Zoom in and have a look around. You may be surprised what can be found. Hunt for sunken treasure without ever getting wet or even leaving home!

This collection includes many fascinating items including

✭ submarines
✭ destroyers
✭ sidewheel steamboats
✭ whaling ships
✭ schooners
✭ galleons
✭ clippers

There's even a chinese junk, a dirigible, and an aircraft carrier!

Tap on a wreck to see what Wreck Hunter knows about it. The information varies from wreck to wreck, but may include

✭ ship name
✭ ship type
✭ year built
✭ year sunk
✭ cause of sinking
✭ depth
✭ length
✭ beam
✭ tonnage
✭ cargo
✭ engine type
✭ owner
✭ captain

Wreck Hunter includes free access to 150 wrecks. Upgrade from within the app for full access to over 3800 wrecks.

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